Dear Phyllis

“During my regular doctor visit, he asked me if I felt my balance class was making  a positive difference.  Oh yes, I answered him.  I washed my car last week; the hose in one hand, the cleaning rag in the other, plus keeping my feet placement and balance.  —  he got up, shook my hand and said “congratulations, I don’t know of anyone who is 96 years old and can tackle washing a car.” 
June Seeds   96 years

Thank you Phyllis,

“I appreciate your wonderful sense of humor and excellent instructions 
in the Balance Class.  It is such a healthy , valuable class for me.
Have a great day, everyday!”
Alma  Monroe

“Dear Phyllis,  This is just a note to thank you for working with me to get me in condition for the ski adventure with Al.  We really started from ground zero and you worked me far harder than ever before.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Alfred  and I are very sincerely grateful to have you as a very important and significant part of our lives. ” 
Gwen Bowles

“Dear Phyllis, Your efforts have been so appreciated by both Paul and I! We are much more solid individuals as a result of your influence (:”
Sincerely,  Jeanne & Paul Hook


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I have personally watched Phyllis in action during one of her classes and presenting valuable information at various workshops around the Los Angeles area. She is highly qualified, personable, compassionate, and makes a significant impact on peoples’ lives. If you’re looking for classes, either for yourself or someone who needs to achieve balance and mobility in their lives, check her out ASAP!

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