Balance Challenge` ~ It’s Never Too Late To Improve!

Classes offer a safe, structured progressive program;
a  non-competative atmosphere where participants are challenged
to balance mind and body, increase strength and invigorate spirit.


  Culver City Senior Center Balance Challenge Class

This is an evidence-based class, medically designed to improve  balance, strength, flexibility, as well as posture, walking skills and vestibular function.  Classes are designed for all skill levels with comfort and safety in mind.   Classes include Tai Chi moves, Yoga, Dance and endurance activities, all choreogrphed to great music.                     

  Best of all – – they are effective and fun!!

The Balance Challenge classes are created by Greg Cox of the Balance Disorders Institute and taught at the Culver City Senior Center by Phyllis K. Farrell     The one hour class times are Wednesday   10:00 a.m.  and                                           Friday  at 10:15 a.m. and again at 11:30 a.m.  




Fallproof™ is recognized by the National Council on Aging as an exemplary model program in the U.S. for promoting healthy aging and improved quality of life. Fallproof™  offers structured and progressive activities designed to address the multiple dimensions that contribute to balance and mobility.

Phyllis’ typical training program is a 12-week cycle that meets twice a week.

The Fallproof™ Program reduces the risk of falling ~


• Screening Assessment
• Center of Gravity  Control
• Multi-sensory  Training
• Postural Strategy
• Gait Pattern  Enhancement


                                                                                                                                                               We work hard in class but there’s
                                                                                                                                                               always time to celebrate a 95th birthday!

The good news?  Loss of balance is “not just a fact of life” as we grow older.  Recent studies demonstrate that those most at risk for a fall can often be identified and helped.  Retraining helps prevent falls, offering one a chance to continue participation in life’s activities with less fear of injury or loss of independence.

Attainable goals:

•     Full balance potential
 •    Increased awareness of risk factors
•     Increased range of stability
•     Improved performance of daily activities
•     Improved walking ability
•     Improved postural awareness/alignment

Balance Challenge - Having fun improving you balance, strength & stamina

•     Improved strength 

•     Improved ability to
       recover from
       loss of balance
 •   Increased confidence
      and quality of  life

All activities can be modified to accommodate individual capabilities and are designed for individuals / small groups.

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